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Claire Atkinson

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This editor’s note gives an overview of the issue content and an update on the Current editorial board. It also calls for NMEA members to sign up as peer reviewers and submit articles that address NMEA’s Strategic Plan Key Focus Areas.
How to Cite: Atkinson, C. (2020). Current Log. Current: The Journal of Marine Education, 34(2), 46–47. DOI:
  Published on 09 Oct 2020
 Accepted on 19 Sep 2020            Submitted on 19 Sep 2020

We are delighted to present the first issue of Current: The Journal of Marine Education produced entirely in the new open access journal management system provided by Ubiquity Press. We want to send our thanks to the authors and peer reviewers who contributed to this issue and were patient with me as I learned how the system works and got to know NMEA and its members.

In addition to a new editor, new publishing platform, and new Current committee leaders, the journal also has a new editorial board. The committee seeks to maintain a diverse board membership, representing a true cross-section of NMEA. The board provides input and guidance on the journal’s content and helps the journal reach a wider readership, and board members serve as peer reviewers.

The theme that ties the articles in this issue together is teaching ocean literacy concepts in K-12 classrooms. Three of the articles present activities and program models to be replicated by other educators, and two present research and evaluation. We welcome your feedback on this issue and its content. You may contact the editor by sending an email to

Current is looking for NMEA members to join our roster of peer reviewers. Help contribute to this important effort by creating an account on the journal’s website and adding your areas of expertise and research interest to your profile. Simply visit and click on Register in the upper right corner.

The journal also seeks article submissions in particular that support NMEA’s Strategic Plan Key Focus Areas. These include KFA 1: Advance Ocean Literacy, KFA 2: Purposefully Cultivate International Relationships, KFA 3: Engage Youth Leaders, KFA 4: Actively Involve Diverse and Underrepresented Communities, and KFA 5: Drive Organizational Excellence and Sustainability. Authors with papers that address these Key Focus Areas are encouraged to submit their manuscripts at We look forward to your submissions.


Claire Atkinson


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